IBM Lotus Web Content Management Multilingual Solution

The IBM Lotus Web Content Management Multilingual Solution (MLS) offering comprises a set of supported extensions to IBM Lotus Web Content Management (WCM) that make it easier to build, maintain and deliver WCM sites in multiple languages.  The MLS offering also includes a whitepaper, "Multilingual Site Management with Lotus Web Content Management", that describes the framework for managing a multilingual site, the deployment and configuration of the extensions, and examples of their use.

The MLS offering is designed to work specifically in conjunction with IBM Lotus Web Content Management.
Multilingual solution - IBM WCM

The set of extensions consist of the following :

a) An Authoring Plug-in (aka Custom Fields) to display information about associated language translations;

b) A number of Workflow Synchronization Plug-ins (aka Custom Workflow Actions) to automate the creation of translated documents and handle publishing, expiry and delete synchronization of those documents;

c) A number of Rendering Plug-ins (aka LRP Context Processor and Servlet JSPs) to enable end-users to see content in the right language and allow switching between languages;

4) A Library Copy Portlet to make it easier to deploy new translated versions of existing sites.
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