Building Websites using IBM WCM

IBM Web Content Management (WCM) is a system that allows non-technical users to publish content to the web without having advanced knowledge of web technology or programming of any sort. There are some third parties through which WCM can empower you to publish your content with a simple point and click interface and it helps you to keep your site green fresh. You’ll find yourself easily creating, editing and publishing content just within a coffee time of being exposed to its features. Some doesn’t sacrifice power for simplicity. If need be, you can use your developer skills to create complex presentation layer templates that make your content “pop” with dynamic elements. Once these templates have been deployed into the portal, your non-technical users can manage content using these templates as easily as they would manage the static content. WCM is an appropriate choice for sites with only a few pages or sites with gigabytes of content.
Building Websites using IBM WCM
IBM Web Content Manager (WCM) is a powerful solution that delivers engaging, personalized web experiences across multiple channels. This WCM also keeps content relevant, consistent, and drives higher conversion rates, and also improves the customer loyalty, even increases user engagement. This instructor-led course is designed to introduce the experienced web developers to the concepts and skills that are required for building a website and authoring system using IBM Web Content manager. Through hands-on exercises, web developers will go through the entire lifecycle process from planning through development and delivery.

For building a website by using IBM WCM one should be having some hands-on-experiences on using HTML & CSS. One should be aware of developing a website and also to maintain it. Last but not least, one should be involved in existing workflow and security practices.
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